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Halloween safety tips

7 Halloween safety tips for pet owners reading-time-icon 2 min read

Ghosts, ghouls, pumpkins… strangers knocking at the door and a dousing of decorations both inside and out, it’s no wonder our furry friends can get a little flustered during Halloween.

To help them stay as calm as possible during the spooky season, browse our 7 safety tips below.

Think about using a therapeutic product

If your pet is particularly nervous around noises, strangers and changes to their environment, this may be a no-brainer. Therapeutic products are often a great way of helping pets to feel calmer during stressful times.

We recommend Vetpro: Stress & anxiety capsules.

Keep your cat inside

Your feline friend may be a keen outdoor explorer but during Halloween, it’s best if you know where they are at all times. If they’re bored, restless or distracted, try using toys and treats to distract them – humans will be indulging in their fair share of snacks, after all, so why shouldn’t their cats?

Keep sweets away from pets

Many tasty human treats are highly toxic to pets, and in some cases can even be fatal. As you tuck into the likes of chocolate, sugar-free sweeteners (such as xylitol) and raisins this Halloween, be sure that they’re stored well out of your pet’s reach.

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Mind the scary decor

Along with the face masks and costumes, your pet might find a drastic change to their home environment quite stressful. If you plan to put up decorations over the Halloween period, it’s a good idea to start well in advance and to make the overall change gradually – at least over a few days.

Stay visible outside

It’s especially dark and gloomy outside at this time of year, and passing drivers and cyclists may be dazzled by the decorations and trick-or-treaters. To make sure your dog stays visible while you’re out walking, think about treating them to some luminous clothing.

Comfortable costumes

You could combine this with the point above: treat your dog to a costume that allows passers-by to spot them from far away. Either way, if you do choose to dress your dog up this year, make sure their costume is comfortable and doesn’t obstruct their breathing, vision or movement in any way.


Despite doing all you can to make sure your pet stays with you at all times, accidents can still happen and our fury friends are certainly more likely to scarper during the Halloween season. To boost your chances of reuniting with them if this does happen, we recommend having your pet microchipped. If they’re already chipped, be sure to double-check that all of the relevant info is up to date before the spooky season begins.

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Need more info?

For more info on keeping your pet safe and calm during Halloween, have a chat with your local vet or speak to a vet online today.

Find your nearest vet using our Find a Vet page, or speak to a vet online using Online Vets.