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pearl with hook in her nose / pearl x-ray

Adorable puppy gets furniture hook stuck in her nose reading-time-icon 2 min read

Pearl the 3-month old cocker spaniel puppy was rushed to My Family Vets at Sheriffs Highways Vets, Gateshead, after a furniture hook got stuck in her nose.

‘We’d just come back from a walk,’ says Pearl’s owner Louise Stannard, 29, who lives in Gateshead with her fianc√© and three pups – all from the same litter.

‘I was drying another dog’s feet while Pearl was playing in the dining room. Out of nowhere, she just started screaming.

pearl with hook in her nose

‘I thought they were play-fighting at first. I went into the house and found Pearl stuck under an armchair.’

A small hook from the underside of the chair had come loose and got stuck in the adorable puppy’s nose. Luckily, Louise is a trained vet at Sheriffs Highway, and knew exactly what to do.

‘Thankfully, it was a simple procedure,’ says Louise. ‘I took her in to work, she was sedated, we took an x-ray and then the hook was removed.

‘Pearl was allowed home a few hours later.’

pearl's x-rays

When asked if she would have behaved differently if she hadn’t been a fully qualified veterinary surgeon, Louise said:

‘Potentially – if I didn’t know better, I might have tried just pulling the hook out myself, there and then. Sometimes these situations don’t seem as complicated as they actually are.’

Any advice for fellow pet owners who might find themselves in a similar situation?

‘Always call your vet if you’re in doubt. It’s better to be safe than sorry!’

split image of adorable pearl

Thankfully Pearl didn’t come to any serious harm. She’s now back home with her family and litter-mates, just in time for Christmas!

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