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hayman the cat with head in cone and injured paw

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Hayman the 8-year-old domestic cat needed an emergency x-ray at Terrington Vets in King’s Lynn after coming home with his front paw stuck in a heavy metal trap!

He’d been out exploring when his owner Susan Fennell, who’d been tidying her front room, heard an unusual clattering noise from the window.

Despite the metal contraption stuck to his front paw, Hayman managed to jump up on to the flowerbed, where he cried out for his mum’s attention.

After opening the front door to let Hayman in, Susan gathered Hayman in her arms before realising that the trap was fixed into place and couldn’t be removed.

To limit the damage as best she could, Susan set Hayman down again and ran upstairs to fetch a towel to wrap him in. She then contacted Terrington Vets, and was advised to bring Hayman into the practice immediately.

the trap

‘I was upset and crying with shock,’ says Susan. ‘There was blood all over the porch floor and Hayman just continued to cry - I thought our cat was going to die.’

Despite Covid-19 Secure measures meaning that Susan couldn’t accompany Hayman inside the practice once they arrived, she was thrilled with the Terrington Vets team and their service.

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‘They’ve always been wonderful, and were even more so during a difficult period – when you can’t access the surgery like you normally do. They took great care of Hayman and we’re extremely appreciative.’

A thorough exam and x-ray revealed that luckily, Hayman had suffered no fractures or broken bones. He was able to go home with Susan on the same day and has since made a full recovery.

‘He took a while to recover. He couldn’t leave the house for a week. He’s more or less back to his usual self now, although he is a little more careful when landing on his affected leg.’

Susan lives in King’s Lynn with her husband Dave. She hasn’t encountered animal traps in her neighbourhood before, and thinks Hayman most likely stumbled upon this trap while exploring the grass dykes and farmland nearby.

‘It’s worrying,’ she says ‘that there are more of these traps out there that we don’t know about.’

Susan and Dave have three cats in total. Hayman, his sister and his mother. They describe Hayman as loving and playful, plus a little timid.

normal hayman at the top of a tree

‘He doesn’t travel too far from home. If we see him wandering down the road away from home, Dave opens a window and calls to him like he’s a naughty school child who’s been caught doing something he shouldn’t. It makes me laugh - Hayman then runs all the way back to the house!’

Hayman received his treatment at Terrington Vets - part of the My Family Vets network, providing exceptional care for the pets of King’s Lynn, and great service to their owners. 

hayman lying cozy on the carpet

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