Free health check

Free for all new pets who register with us*

What's included?

  • Dental check: plus advice on keeping your pet's teeth in tip-top condition
  • Weight check: plus dietary advice and exercise tips 
  • Fur/Skin check: we'll help you keep an eye out for nasty fleas or ticks
  • Eye check: because good eyesight is important for pets too!
  • Heartbeat check: we can spot potential issues quickly before they develop further
  • Breathing check: we'll help make sure your pet's lungs stay nice and healthy

A great start...

An introductory health check allows us to assess your pet’s condition but it’s also a good chance for us to get to know them... and you too. 

Now with over 350 approved practices in the UK, you won’t struggle to find a My Family Vets practice near you. Use our Find a Vet page to get started.

Your health check in 3 simple steps

  • Choose a practice

    Find your closest or most convenient My Family Vets practice online.

  • Register

    Fill out our online form and we’ll contact you to arrange your appointment.

  • Come and see us

    We'll carry out the health check at the agreed date and time.


Offer available to all new clients or new pets who register through with an approved practice. Consultation must be pre-booked. Offer applies to the cost of the appointment only and any further treatments or medications will be charged at full price. One consult per pet. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.