Free health check

Free for all new pets who register with us

What's included?

  • Dental check: plus advice on keeping your pet's teeth in tip-top condition
  • Weight check: plus dietary advice and exercise tips 
  • Fur/Skin check: we'll help you keep an eye out for nasty fleas or ticks
  • Eye check: because good eyesight is important for pets too!
  • Heartbeat check: we can spot potential issues quickly before they develop further
  • Breathing check: we'll help make sure your pet's lungs stay nice and healthy

A great start...

An introductory health check allows us to assess your pet’s condition but it’s also a good chance for us to get to know them... and you too. 

Now with over 350 approved practices in the UK, you won’t struggle to find a My Family Vets practice near you. Use our Find a Vet page to get started.

Your health check in 3 simple steps

  • Choose a practice

    Find your closest or most convenient My Family Vets practice online.

  • Register

    Fill out our online form and we’ll contact you to arrange your appointment.

  • Come and see us

    We'll carry out the health check at the agreed date and time.