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Bandit the heroic police dog was recently rushed to My Family Vets at Vale Vets Portishead for lifesaving surgery after a large piece of rubber got lodged in his intestine.


The ordeal started at the end of September. Bandit’s handler PC Lee Fairman reports that the 5-year-old crossbreed (Border Collie X Staffie) started vomiting one morning out of the blue.

‘It became excessive,’ says PC Fairman, ‘and led to diarrhoea the following day.’

Bandit’s condition grew worse, to the point where he couldn’t keep down any food for a number of days, so he was rushed to Vale Vets in Portishead. An ultrasound examination revealed that bandit suffered from an intestinal obstruction.

ultrasound shot of rubber in intestine

Bandit was rehydrated by intravenous fluids, then taken in to surgery immediately.

Thankfully, the surgery was a success and Bandit is now back with PC Fairman, ready to continue his noble work.

‘The vet [at My Family Vets at Vale Vets] was excellent,’ says PC Fairman. ‘They diagnosed the problem quickly and I was extremely impressed with the service throughout.’

Being a former RSPCA rescue dog who, along with his handler, won the Police & Crime Commissioner Shield last year for outstanding teamwork, it’s safe to say that Bandit has had a somewhat extraordinary life.

shot of intestine with huge lump of rubber lodged into it

How did the team at Vale feel about playing their part in assisting the police with their noble work?

‘Well, we’re honoured to treat each and every pet who’s brought in to see us,’ says Robert Hallworth, Head Veterinary Surgeon at Vale Vets Portishead, ‘but I did feel especially proud to treat Bandit – when you consider how much he’s done to help fight crime.’

split image of the rubber and bandit sedated

During their illustrious partnership, PC Fairman and Bandit have uncovered money, drugs and firearms together. We wish them all the best for the future, and applaud them for their heroic work.

officer and dog

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