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Combatting the illegal puppy trade

Guidelines on the illegal Puppy Trade

Our Practices now have Illegal Puppy Trade Guidelines to follow

  • What does this mean?

    We’ve provided guidelines to our network of approved practices up and down the UK, on how to educate clients and protect themselves from the illegal puppy trade.

    According to Dogs Trust, the UK demand for puppies is 800,000 a year. The UK GOV, however, estimates that only 560,000 puppies are born each year in the UK, leaving a further 240,000 puppies coming from elsewhere – which is a worrying thought. We are pleased to report that the government is taking action on this critical animal welfare issue; they recently unveiled plans to tackle commercial breeding and will implement new rules that licensed dog breeders must follow.

  • What can you do?

    If you’re thinking about purchasing a puppy but are unsure what to look for, you should:

    1. Avoid spontaneous purchase decisions
    2. See the puppies aged 3-4 weeks
    3. See them feed from their mother
    4. See where the litter is kept
    5. Collect your puppy at no younger than 8-9 weeks

    For further advice, please book a free pre-pet consultation with any of our My Family Vets Approved practices. Our expert team can advise you on where you should obtain your puppy, which breed best suits your lifestyle and everything else you might need to know, in order to help take care of your new furry friend.

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Help stop illegal puppy trading!

Watch our video on how you can help stop illegal puppy trading in the UK.

Health plans that cut the costs of routine care

My Family Vets approved practices run the National Pet Health Club.

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