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split image of Sean the greyhound and the hook he swallowed

Portishead vets urge caution after Greyhound swallows fishing hook reading-time-icon 2 min read

The team at My Family Vets at Vale Vets Portishead are urging caution to pet owners after performing life-saving surgery on Sean, an 8-year-old Greyhound who swallowed a discarded fishing hook on the evening of 18th September.

Sean’s owners had been out for their regular evening stroll along Portishead Marina when they noticed something wasn’t right.

‘My husband and I were chatting, Sean was wandering around like he normally does,’ says his owner Angela Reed-Fox, a 40-year-old nurse from Portishead.

Adorable Sean wearing a blanket

‘As Sean returned to us, he was making a strange gulping noise. He got closer and we noticed a long orange wire sticking out of his mouth. My husband jumped up to take a closer look, then we drove to Vale Vets immediately.’

Arriving at Vale Vets, where Angela’s been a happy client ever since adopting Sean when he was 2, the wire coming from the Greyhound’s mouth had shortened considerably, meaning that whatever was at the other end of it had made its way further down.

Sean was given an x-ray and the team confirmed that the mysterious artefact he’d swallowed was a crabbing hook.

The surgery took place right away. It was a tremendous success, and Sean was allowed to go home the following morning.

Sean's scar

‘I’m so relieved that everything aligned and it all went well,’ says Angela, who’s well aware of how much worse the situation could have been.

‘The hook could have caused fatal internal bleeding. Not only that – had we not known what had happened at the time, the hook could have caused sepsis, which could have killed Sean.’

Sean's scar close up

Following the incident, the practice issued a warning on their Facebook page urging local dog owners to be mindful of litter when out walking with their pets.

Sean was subdued for the first few days after his operation, but has begun a gradual return to his usual self. He’s been enjoying small walks and his favourite ‘dog tapas’: rice and scrambled eggs.

Angela describes Sean as super-chilled, quirky and trusting. He’s her first ever dog, and is no ordinary pet.

‘He’s a very special dog who just trusts people. Despite being nervous and in shock throughout the ordeal, he seemed to know that what the humans were doing, they were doing for his own good.’

Sean and companion

And Angela isn’t the only one who’s full of praise for the kind and trusting Greyhound. Sean has a special place in all of the Vale Vets Portishead team’s hearts because – in true Sean spirit – he was on their blood donors list from the age of 4, and donated blood to a dog in need just before retiring due to his age.

‘The staff at Vale Vets were just brilliant,’ says Angela. ‘The practice is open 24 hours, which appealed to us massively when we were choosing a practice 6 years ago.

‘It’s nice to have that reassurance. If we couldn’t have got Sean seen to immediately, things would have been much more complex.’

Sean wearing shorts

Special Sean continues to make a steady recovery at home.

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