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Visiting your My Family Vets practice after lockdown reading-time-icon 3 min read

We can provide routine care for your pet.

What’s more, we have all the right measures in place to keep you and your pets as safe as possible.

At reception

Our mission is to allow our clients to confidently take their pet to the vet with as few worries and complications as possible. That’s why our reception areas are now fitted with protective screens - to keep you, your family and our staff members safe. 

When it comes to making payments, we urge you to use contactless payments wherever possible. To make things even easier, we now offer online payment methods, so it’s never been easier to pay for your pet’s essential services and treatments. 

Picking up your food and treatment orders

We have all the right measures in place so you can enter our vet practices and safely pick up your pet’s food and preventative treatments. Flea and worm treatments are classed as essential; without them, you run the risk of infestation and certain health complications. 

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Social distancing

In response to COVID-19, the British veterinary industry has had to adapt its way of working. All My Family Vets sites are Covid-19 Secure.

To ensure the health and welfare of the pet owners who trust us to care for their beloved companions, we’ve limited the number of customers allowed in our waiting rooms/reception areas. This means that for whatever period of time you spend inside our practice, you’ll be able to adhere to social distance guidelines. 

Masks and face coverings

To help us reduce face-to-face contact further, we ask that clients wear masks or face coverings during their visit. Please don’t be alarmed - it’s just a government-encouraged method of reducing everybody’s risk. 

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Washing your hands

There’ll be hand sanitising facilities available - we advise you to do this as you arrive and again before you leave.

We regularly sanitise high-touch areas, so you can rest assured that surfaces such as door handles are as safe as can be.

All your routine services

We’ve been busy innovating, and are pleased to report that we can now offer routine services in practice, including vaccinations, neutering and dental work

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Is it safe to go to the vet after lockdown? 

As Covid-19 Secure businesses, we have the right measures in place and our veterinary practices are well-equipped to ensure that your visit is as safe as possible. 

Pet health and veterinary care are important, and as we continue to remain open, we’ll provide your pet with the very best care without compromising the safety of our devoted owners and passionate staff. 

If you’re worried about going to the vet after lockdown and would like more info on the safety measures we have in place, don’t hesitate to call your vet practice today! 

If you’d rather not leave the house

If your pet has everything they need (they aren’t overdue for their vaccines, flea and worm treatment etc), it’s still a good idea to stay home if you can. 

If you have a non-urgent query about your pet, try our Online Vets service. You’ll be able to chat with a fully qualified vet from the comfort of your own home. 

Consults are fifteen minutes long, which is plenty of time to discuss your concerns thoroughly. Online Vets appointments cost just £24, but if you’re referred to a My Family Vets practice afterward, we’ll deduct £16 from this, so your online consultation will have cost just £8. 

Note: Online Vets consults are to be used for non-urgent cases only. If your pet needs emergency care, contact your local vets or emergency care provider as soon as possible. 

Just got a new puppy or kitten? 

If you’re new to owning a puppy or kitten, take advantage of our FREE video consults offer today. 

The Coronavirus lockdown has proved to be a trying time, for just about everyone and in all sorts of ways, but it’s also had its positives. One advantage of lockdown life is that people have had the chance to appreciate the simple things in life, such as long walks and spending time with family members. 

Many people have chosen to welcome a new puppy or kitten into their family during this crisis and, given the miraculous effect pets can have on our mental health, this is no surprise.

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Find your nearest vet using our Find a Vet page, or speak to a vet online using Online Vets.