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Why do dogs eat poop? Vet Vs The Net reading-time-icon 45 second watch

We’ve all been baffled by this at some point, some of us more than others. In fact, 1,000 people ask Google every month why their dog is eating poop. Dave the vet takes a look…

So why do dogs eat poop?

Hard as it is for us humans to comprehend… they enjoy it! As Dave explains, dogs enjoy lots of different ‘flavours’ of poop such as fox poop, badger poop and cat poop.

Is it normal for my dog to eat poop?

Yes. It’s something of a natural behaviour and unless your dog eats poop excessively, or if they eat their own, your dog eating poop is nothing to worry about.

If your dog eats their own poop, or too much poop

If your dog regularly eats their own poop, or poop in general, and you think they might be doing it too much, it can be a sign of a possible nutritional problem such as:

  • Enzyme deficiency
  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency 
  • Parasites (worms or fleas)

If you think your dog has a nutritional problem

Concerned about your dog’s diet? Click here for more expert advice.

If you think your dog might have a nutritional problem, or are concerned about them eating poop, take them to see your vet – they’ll be able to tell you what the problem is (if there is one) and to take the right actions to get your dog’s digestive system fighting fit again.

In the meantime, as Dave wisely suggests… if your dog is eating poop, make sure they don’t lick your face afterwards!

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