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Spring into action with your cat: 5 enrichment ideas to keep them entertained

Spring has sprung, and it's not just us humans who can enjoy the new season. Cats are natural hunters and explorers. In the wild, they keep their own minds busy just hunting for food. Domestic cats have an easy life but can sometimes get bored, and bored cats, lacking proper stimulation, can often become naughty cats. We've put together five great ways to keep your cat's minds and bodies occupied during spring.

1. DIY cat toys and puzzles

Keep your cat's mind sharp and engaged with homemade toys and puzzles. Use everyday items to create intriguing games that stimulate their problem-solving skills. For example, hiding treats inside an egg carton or crafting a food puzzle from a cardboard box can provide hours of entertainment. 

Look around the house and you’ll be surprised how many potential cat toys you have lying around (or worse, ready to throw out). For example, cats love hiding in larger boxes, not to mention jumping on top of them. If the weather's nice you could try arranging boxes in your garden, and even poke holes in the boxes and put treats inside, it’s great to combine feed time with play time.

Just remember to use materials that are non-toxic and avoid small parts that can be swallowed or chewed off.

2. Create an indoor jungle adventure

We all know how unreliable the British weather can be, even in spring. So why not bring the excitement of the outdoors inside by setting up an indoor jungle for your cat? Use cat-safe plants they can interact with and create hiding spots with boxes or tunnels. This enriching environment encourages natural behaviours like climbing, exploring, and hunting. Have a look at our article on flowers and plants that are poisonous to cats to know which ones to avoid.

3. Interactive toys

Image of a cat playing with a wand in the garden

Wands or catnip teasers make great interactive toys, and your cat can play with them inside or out. They attract your cat’s attention and encourage playful behaviour, strengthening the bond between you. Try swinging a cat wand out in the garden and watch how much fun your cat has.

4. Teach an old cat new tricks

Remember, dogs aren’t the only pets that can learn tricks. You can teach your cat a number of tricks in the same way. Just as you would with a dog, always use positive reinforcement (clicker training, for example) and reward them with tasty treats. Again, feed time and playtime mixed together works wonders. Just don't overdo it with the treats.

5. A high perching point

High perches offer safe spots for your cat to observe their surroundings. Consider setting up a secure new lookout point near a window, so your cat can watch the world go by or keep an eye on the birds and insects that visit your garden.

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