Try "cat diabetes" or "dog being sick"

About Us

Who are My Family Vets?

A nationwide network of local veterinary practices

Providing expert care, online and in practice

We’re a nationwide network of local veterinary practices, supporting pet owners and their local communities.

We blend the authenticity and family feel of a small business with the resources and reach of a national group.

Local, community minded

Our veterinary practices are a key service within local communities

We value individuality. This is reflected in the diversity of our clients, our staff and their practices. Their name, branding and areas of expertise are theirs to celebrate.

Part of something bigger

Nationwide UK network

We’re proud that all of our practices have their own unique personality, retaining their identity as they come together to form our nationwide network. We exchange knowledge and resources, improving the services and care we provide, as well as offering continuity of care when a client moves away.

Compassionate care

It's not what we do, it's why we do it

Building a long-term relationship with our clients and their pets is important to us. Our clients are people, not just commodities; we treat them with kindness, compassion and the respect they deserve, especially in times of distress, pain or suffering.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service that earns the trust and confidence of our clients.

All-round support system

Connecting owners with their vets

We know it’s difficult to stay on top of a pet’s healthcare needs. We’re committed to helping you keep your pet happy and healthy; giving you all the support you need

Practice Finder

Find your nearest local vet. Our practice finder gives you all the information you need to help you choose the best vet for you.

Pet Advice

Written and approved by veterinary professionals, ranging from lifestyle and behavioural tips to detailed advice on specific illnesses and medication.

Online Shop

Purchase pet supplies online. View our range of high quality, vet approved products including pet food, dental care, dietary supplements, toys, treats and accessories.

Pet Health Club

Our routine health care plan covers your pet's preventative treatments and could save you up to £250 annually with budgeted monthly payments.

Video Consultations

We’ve partnered with Vets Now so that you can speak to an online vet 7 days a week, from the comfort of home.

Exclusive Offers

Discounts and seasonal offers on routine veterinary services such as annual vaccinations, dental care and health checks.