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Keep your pets cosy, safe & happy during the cold weather

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Winter advice

As the cold sets in, make sure your pets have everything they need this winter!

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Who are My Family Vets?

My Family Vets is a network of veterinary practices across the UK that combine clinical and professional excellence with a simple, unabridged love of all things pet.

Pet stories

What's been happening to our practices and their clients?

'How to' guides

From administering flea treatment to clipping nails, there's a demo for that!

How to guides

How to... Apply flea treatment to your cat

How to... Clean your dog's teeth

How to... Cut your rabbit's nails

How to... Put your cat into a carrier

How to guides

Getting a new pet?

Whether you're getting a new puppy, a rescue cat or a small furry, we can help...

New pet tips

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7 essentials for your new kitten

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Breed Guides

Thinking of getting a new dog? Our breed guides cover everything you need to know about your new pooch!

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A guide for owners


A guide for owners

Cocker Spaniel

A guide for owners

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