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Spring advice

Tips and advice for you and your pet now that the weather is getting warmer.

7 BBQ safety tips

Keep your pet safe this BBQ season with our top tips.

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Which plants are poisonous to dogs & cats

Dangerous plants to watch out for this spring.

reading-time-icon 2 min read

10 springtime pet care tips

Keep your pets happy and healthy as the weather warms up!

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Choose your species

Got a specific query about your pet? Let's see how we can help!

Cat advice

Stay clued up on all things cat-related!

cat care advice

Dog advice

Browse our articles on dog health care

dog care advice

Rabbit advice

Tips and advice on caring for your bunny

Rabbit advice

Pet stories

What's been happening to our practices and their clients?

Puppy recovers from deadly virus after owner spots signs

reading-time-icon 2 min read

Puppy needs surgery to remove kebab stick!

reading-time-icon 3 min read

Cockapoo eats discarded face mask - Vets warn pet owners!

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'How to' guides

From administering flea treatment to clipping nails, there's a demo for that!

How to... Apply flea treatment to your cat

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How to... Clean your dog's teeth

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How to... Cut your rabbit's nails

reading-time-icon 48 second watch

How to... Put your cat into a carrier

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Getting a new pet?

Whether you're getting a new puppy, a rescue cat or a small furry, we can help...

Adopting a cat: guide to rehoming a rescue cat

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How to look after a rabbit: the 5 essential freedoms

reading-time-icon 3 min read

Getting a new puppy: the ultimate guide

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A guide for owners

cockapoo in grass


A guide for owners

two labradors on a field

Border Collie

A guide for owners

border collie running

7 essentials for your new kitten

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Different types of hamsters: the ultimate guide

reading-time-icon 3 min read

How to find a good dog breeder

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