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puppy playing with its toy

7 puppy essentials: what do you need for a new puppy?

So you’re thinking about getting a puppy? This is a very exciting time for you and your family. Are you prepared? Have a look at our checklist, which lays out all of the essentials you’ll need before bringing home your new companion. 

A comfortable crate and bed

Every dog needs a den, just like we humans need our bedrooms. You ideally want your new puppy to see their crate as a safe place they can retreat to whenever they please.

The crate shouldn’t be too big or too small; when the puppy is fully grown, they should have enough space to stand up, sit down and turn around comfortably. The puppy shouldn’t have too much space in their crate because they won’t feel as safe. If bedding takes up the whole bottom of the crate, this will lower the risk of your puppy having an accident.

Food and treats

Other than keeping your dog alive, food and treats can come in very useful, especially when it comes to training. If you reward good behaviour (going to the toilet in the right place, sitting when asked to) with treats, your pup will adopt good behavioural patterns a lot quicker.

Make sure that you buy a diet that suits your dog’s breed. If you’re unsure about which food to get, you could have a chat with your vet for further advice.

Poo bags

No list of puppy essentials is complete without poo bags! Keep these in your puppy checklist to ensure your walking route stays clean. They’ll also come in handy at home too – because of course accidents happen.


Your puppy will need at least two bowls: one for food and one for water. Make sure both are cleaned regularly and that water is available throughout the day.

Collar and lead

Important for when you and your puppy start going out for walkies! A lead is a must-have when you’re out and about with your dog, especially when you’re in public or beside busy roads.


Your pup will need lots of suitable, puppy-friendly toys to play with too! Although they are fun, toys are a really useful addition to your checklist because they will keep your puppy’s mind busy. Playing with toys together is also a great opportunity for you and your puppy to bond.

Also, think of it this way, teething puppies are bound to chew something: if not their toys, what else might they chew?

Disinfectant and suitable cleaning products

Your pup will be toilet trained in no time, we’re sure, but of course accidents happen! Keeping your home environment clean and free or germs and bacteria is of the utmost importance, that’s why suitable cleaning products are the last point on our checklist.

Need more advice?

If you have any questions, it’s always best to have a chat with your vet because they can tailor their advice to your specific dog, their breed and your particular situation.

Find your nearest vet using our Find a Vet page, or speak to a vet online using Online Vets.