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benefits of pet health plans for dogs

Benefits of a dog health plan

Making sure your dog is up to date with their flea and worm treatments, vaccinations and general healthcare is a crucial part of being a responsible dog owner.

Unfortunately, in an increasingly busy world, ensuring your dog's needs are taken care of can seem like a big ask. Which is why we’ve seen a huge rise in dog health plans offering all your dog's preventative health care for a one-off monthly price.

But what are the benefits of these dog plans, and what should you look for in a dog health care plan? We answer your questions.

What is a dog health plan?

Dog health plans are subscription plans where you pay a monthly (or yearly) fee and, in return, get recurring services or products. A dog health plan can allow you to tailor your dog's health plan and receive all their preventative health care either delivered to your door or available for collection from your vet every month. This removes the worry you may miss a treatment or vaccination.  

What should your dog health plan offer? 

Dog health plans differ from provider to provider, but the least you should expect to receive is the following: 

 Some plans, such as Pet Health Club™, also offer: 

 The best pet health care plan for you is tailored to your dog's needs and lifestyle.  

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What are the benefits of a dog health care plan?

1. Proactive response to dog care

Regular preventative healthcare is essential to the continued good health of your dog. It is far easier to prevent disease and illness than to treat it. Even when 100% prevention isn't possible, preventative health care like vaccines can minimise the symptoms and allow your dog to recover faster, leaving them happier.   

Regular check-ups also fall under preventative healthcare. They let your vet check your dog for any issues they may be at risk from or stop any medical problems from complicating. This helps keep your dog healthy and happy and your wallet fuller. 

It may seem simple enough to go to your nearest pet shop and buy flea treatment every month. But what happens if you forget or get the treatment late? Flea infestations harm your dog and can jump species and invade your home. A pet plan means you are always up to date with your parasite prevention treatments, reducing the risk of infection.

2. Assist with planning, budgeting and decision-making

Money used to go farther than it does now. With the cost of living crisis and rising bills, sometimes you can't find the extra money at the end of the month you need for your dog’s preventative treatments. 

With a dog health plan, you can add the cost to your monthly budget and set the direct debit to come out when you know the money is available. Then you don't need to worry about it again. You won't need to decide if you should get the flea treatment or the shopping. Adding it to your monthly budget takes the stress out of dog care, leading to healthier dogs and happier owners. 

3. Don't have to talk about money in the consultation room

Taking your dog to the vet can be stressful, not made any easier by worrying about the cost of this and that. Preventative health plans remove the discussion from the clinic because it's all paid for in advance. 

It must, however, be stressed that preventative health plans and subscriptions are not insurance. They won't come to your aid if your dog breaks a leg or needs urgent care. 

4. Reassurance

Knowing your dog is a part of a pet health plan gives you reassurance and peace of mind that their preventative health is taken care of. Knowing you have a monthly flea treatment and six-monthly health checks allows you to relax and enjoy your time with your dog.

5. Diet

Many dog pet plans will offer discounts on selected, vet-approved diets to help keep your dog healthy and happy. Pet Health Club™, for example, offers savings on brands such as Purina, Hills and Nature's Range. These are designed to complement your dog's preventative health care, keeping them healthier whilst saving you money. 

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Knowing you have a six-monthly check-up lets you discuss your dog's specific diet needs without booking an emergency appointment. This enables you to make the best choices for your dog regarding diet and creates a strong relationship between you, your dog and your vet whilst saving you money.

6. Never miss an important vaccination or treatment

Preventative healthcare is one of the most important aspects of your dog's healthcare. Pet health plans ensure they never miss a vaccine or treatment by taking responsibility for booking and reminders. This means you can relax knowing your dog will be treated and kept free from parasites and disease when the time comes. 

7. Spread the cost of essential treatments

The average year-round cost of flea and worm treatment is £165.50 and the average cost of annual vaccinations is £83. The average cost of a year’s dog health care plan subscription is around £240, split into 12 monthly payments. Spreading the cost of these treatments results in you receiving more while paying less.

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What is the difference between pet plans and insurance?

Dog health care plans are there for the day-to-day health care of your dog. They take care of flea and worm treatments, vaccinations, nail clipping and dental health. Insurance is what you have for emergencies, like if your dog breaks a bone or becomes ill and requires overnight treatment. It assists with the high costs emergency vet visits can incur. 

Pet health plans are there to work in tandem with your insurance. Preventative healthcare, such as vaccinations and flea and worm treatment, mean your dog is at less risk of contracting certain diseases, such as parvovirus, and parasitic infestations, like tapeworm. This means your dog will be less likely to visit the emergency vet, resulting in much lower vet bills throughout the cost of their life. 

Many insurance companies will make microchipping and annual vaccinations compulsory for their policies, so pet health plans can even help you get the best cover. 

  Pet Healthcare Plan Pet Insurance
Primary vaccination course    ✔️  
Booster vaccinations   ✔️  
Flea and worm treatments   ✔️  
Six-monthly nose-to-tail health checks   ✔️  
Microchipping   ✔️  
Discounts on food and toys   ✔️  
Discounts of medication   ✔️  
Help towards vet bills in the case of accident or injury     ✔️
Help towards vet bills in case of illness     ✔️
Complete peace of mind  ✔️  ✔️

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