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Can my dog eat apples? Vet Vs The Net

They’re a healthy and popular snack for us humans, but what about for our dogs? Kath the vet discusses whether apples make good snacks for our canine friends…

So, can my dog eat apples?

Yes! As Kath says, apples are a great snack for our pooches! There are certain conditions but providing you follow the guidelines, apples are completely fine.

What are the conditions?

If, hypothetically, your dog was to eat loads and loads of apple seeds, they would be poisoned. To be on the safe side, make sure your dog doesn’t get to eat too many of the seeds. It’s a good idea to remove the core before feeding apple to your dog.

Treat apples strictly as a snack for your dog, and feed them as part of a balanced diet. Apples have a high sugar content, so feeding too much of it to your pooch could cause a range of diet-related problems.

What’s the best food to give my puppy or dog?

Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet and the correct amount of exercise to keep them healthy. Click here for our full article on dog diet advice and expert tips on the best foods to give to your dog.

Need more advice?

If you have further questions about apples, apple seeds or other snacks that will suit your dog, have a chat with your vet. They’ll be able to tailor their advice for your specific dog, their age and their breed.

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