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Cat’s inspiring recovery after leg amputation

Gin the 9-year-old domestic cat was rushed to Haughley & Thurston Vets, a My Family Vets practice in Suffolk, to have his hind leg amputated after he was hit by a car.

Gin’s owner Liz Allen, a 40-year-old race horse stud manager from Suffolk, was faced with every pet owner’s worst nightmare when she found Gin laying in the garden. He’d been outside exploring, and was making his way home when the accident occurred.

‘I knew straight away that something wasn’t right,’ says Liz. ‘I noticed a fracture in his hind leg and called the vets straight away.’

Once they arrived at Haughley & Thurston Vets, Gin received initial treatment for his shock and underwent an X-ray, which revealed a ‘complicated multiple fracture of the tibia, which would be impossible to repair.’

gin's x-ray

As a spokesperson for Haughley & Thurston Vets explains, the situation became more complicated still. ‘Gin suffers from severe arthritis in the unaffected leg, so amputation could have had a real negative impact on this.’

Liz was faced with a difficult decision: to have Gin’s affected leg amputated, or to have him put to sleep.

Amputation being an expensive procedure that in this case could have caused further problems, Liz wondered, like many owners in her position, if having Gin put to sleep would be the kinder option.

Liz decided to go ahead with the amputation. The procedure took place the following day and thankfully, was a tremendous success.

gin's shaven leg

Gin returned home a day later – and didn’t let a missing leg slow him down.

‘It wasn’t long before he returned to his usual self,’ says Liz. ‘He was back to walking very quickly, and full of energy.

‘He’s escaped twice. Just one day after he started walking again, he barged past me and escaped through the cat flap.

‘His recovery has been truly inspiring.’

Liz isn’t the only person to be impressed by Gin’s swift recovery. The team at Haughley & Thurston Vets describe him as a ‘superstar patient’.

gin with stitches

‘Everyone at the practice was so helpful and reassuring,’ says Liz of the Haughley & Thurston team. She’s been a client for just under a year and is very happy with the service she’s received.  

‘I’m very grateful – Gin wouldn’t be alive today if not for the wonderful team.’

Gin, who Liz describes as spoilt, friendly and an all-round ‘top cat’, has enjoyed some much-deserved preferential treatment at home since his operation.

gin and his fellow cat

He’s been kept apart from the other pets in the household – including horses, 4 dogs and 3 other cats. He gets to sleep in bed with Liz, her partner and their kitten Scrumpy. What’s more, he’s even enjoyed being hand-fed plenty of treats.

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