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Your vet might ask you to collect a urine sample from your cat if they need to check for certain diseases, or simply to check the cat’s general health.

Vet Vicky Bridges demonstrates the simplest way of taking a sample of your cat’s urine...

The process is easy if your cat is used to doing their business in a litter tray.

If your cat usually goes to the toilet outside, you will need to bring them inside and may need to get them used to their litter tray first.

If your vet requires a sample of your cat’s urine, they will provide you with some specialist litter tray beads.

Once you are confident your cat will use the tray, place the beads inside. Take care not to have any newspaper underneath. The beads are non-absorbent and so after your cat has done their business, you can retrieve a urine sample using a pipette container.

Need more advice on getting a urine sample?

For expert advice on collecting a urine sample from your cat, get in touch with your local vet.

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