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Cutting Your Rabbit's Nails: Best Practice Guide

You might be reluctant to do this yourself, or fear that you’ll hurt your rabbit by cutting their nails too short, but don’t worry… Dave the vet is here to help.

Why is it important to cut my rabbit’s nails?

Pet rabbits don’t dig, cover large distances or do many other activities that wear their nails down naturally. This means that their nails grow quicker than they would in the wild. If a rabbit’s nails grow too long, they’ll curl inwards towards the underside of the foot and can cause damage. Long nails are also more likely to get caught on things, which can impair your bunny’s movement or cause accidents (and sometimes scratch your furniture!)

To avoid this, it’s important for owners to cut their rabbits’ nails regularly. You should also look out for how long the nails are when checking your rabbit’s health generally.

You will need:

The process is far simpler than you might think. All you’ll need is a pair of nail clippers – ask your vet about the best clippers to use for your rabbit’s nails. If either you or your bunny are nervous about this procedure, it’s worth having someone around to help you by holding the rabbit still.

As Dave demonstrates, use your rabbit’s fur as a gauge for how long their nails are – if the nails poke out from the fur, they’ll need a little trim. Take little bits off at a time and avoid cutting over the quick (the blood vessel inside the nail) as this will be painful for your bunny. 

Get your rabbit so they’re still and comfortable, you might need someone to help with this, and once you’re happy, clip away one toe at a time!

Need more advice?

If you have questions about your rabbit, their nails, their feet or any other aspect of their welfare, have a chat with your local vet.

Find your nearest vet using our Find a Vet page, or speak to a vet online using Online Vets.