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How to give your dog eye drops

You might need give your dog eye drops, if your vet prescribes them, to help treat conjunctivitis or allergies. With our helpful video guide, Dr David Tweedle explains the easiest method of giving eye drops to your dog. Watch below.

Keep the eye drops to hand; ensure that the dog is somewhere safe and secure. It can sometimes help if someone is able to help you by keeping the dog still.

Taking the eye drops in one hand, lift up your dog’s chin slightly so they are facing upwards in your direction. Then, gently pull back the lid of the eye you wish to treat, and simply pop in the drop. Nudge the eyelid closed, mimicking a blink motion, and repeat the process for the other eye.  

Need more advice on giving your dog eye drops?

For expert advice on keeping your dog’s eyes clean and healthy, get in touch with your local vet.

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