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Cat Carrier Training: A Guide to Easily Securing Your Cat

We know how difficult it is, you get the cat carrier out and the cat makes a run for it! In our video guide, Vet Vicky Bridges explains the best way of putting your get into their carrier.

It’s a good idea to get your cat used to going in and out of their basket. Try this when you don’t need to take them anywhere so they can simply get practise at getting into the basket. 

There are two main methods of putting a cat into a basket: 

  1. Through the front door. Some cats may be happy to go through forwards but for most, it is easier to pop them in backwards – they won’t see the back of the carrier and therefore won’t be as scared. 

  2. Through the top of the basket. This is an easier motion and also means that the cat’s legs land in a more natural way. 

Once your cat is in the carrier, make sure before you go anywhere that all latches are secure and that the carrier is definitely sealed, this will prevent the cat from escaping.

Need more advice on putting your cat into a carrier?

For expert advice on carriers and transporting your cat, get in touch with your local vet.

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