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two leonbergers gazing at camera

The Leonberger: thinking of getting a Leonberger?

The Leonberger is a giant dog that loves nothing more than their owner’s company!

They thrive with the right exercise, training and company and make for sweet-natured and rewarding pets.

Place of origin: Leonberg, near Stuttgart in Germany

How big do Leonbergers get? 65 – 80cm

How heavy are Leonbergers? 41 – 75kg

Leonberger Life Expectancy: 8 – 9 years

Colour: Mahogany, Sandy, Red, Yellow

Please note: A dog’s exercise, training/stimulation and grooming requirements can depend on several factors such as age and health. The same goes for ongoing costs of ownership. For advice on one specific dog, we always advise chatting with a vet.

How much exercise does a Leonberger need?

Owing to their huge size, Leonbergers need a fair amount of exercise. They’ll need 2 long walks every day and lots of high-energy activities too. If you’re a keen hiker, runner or outdoors explorer, a Leonberger will happily join you on your adventures.

Leonberger puppies grow very quickly and again, because of their size, they’re more susceptible to bone injuries than other dogs. It’s important to get your Leonberger’s diet and exercise levels just right to keep them healthy. For more info, have a chat with your vet.

Leonbergers aren’t suited to hardwood floors, especially when they’re puppies.

Training: how to train a Leonberger

It's important to train your Leonberger while they’re young – and small.

They’re intelligent and typically easy to train but if left untrained, you’ll struggle to keep a fully grown Leonberger under control simply because of their huge size.

Use reward-based training and stick to positive reinforcement at all times. Well-trained Leonbergers will grow up to be very gentle giants indeed.

puppy leonberger

Grooming: do Leonbergers shed?

Contrary to what you might think, Leonbergers are quite clean. They shed a moderate amount – nothing a regular brush won’t sort out – and they don’t drool.

They may, however, have a love for bathing in mud – so you may find yourself washing your Leonberger often after you’ve been for a walk.

Complete your Leonberger’s grooming routine with regular tooth brushingnail clips and ear checks.

Leonberger temperament, socialising and ideal home environment

Leonbergers are great family dogs. They love the company of humans, including children, and feel most at home when relaxing indoors with their loved ones. Providing they’re well socialised from an early age, they’ll get along well with others pets too – although they might accidentally step on young children or smaller pets.

A Leonberger will need a spacious home environment, ideally with access to a large outdoor area. If you can provide this and are happy to exercise your pet regularly, a Leonberger may just be the breed for you!

If you have very young children or your lifestyle doesn’t lend itself well to the training and exercise needs of a Leonberger, you may be better suited to a lower maintenance breed.

Cost of owning a Leonberger

When considering the lifetime cost of owning a Leonberger, remember to take into account:

Need more info?

For more info on finding the best dog breed for you and your lifestyle, have a chat with your vet.

Find your nearest vet using our Find a Vet page, or speak to a vet online using Online Vets.

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