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Reptile vet near me: Find your local exotic vet

Finding the right reptile vet for your bearded dragon, leopard gecko, corn snake, royal python, or any other exotic pet is an important first step for all reptile owners. To quickly locate a reptile vet near you, use our find a vet tool, explore our referrals guide, or check the RCVS find a vet page. These resources make it easy to find experienced, exotic-friendly veterinary practices for your reptilian pet.

How do I find a reptile vet near me?

Use our find a vet tool

To find the right vet for your reptile, start with our find a vet tool. Simply enter your postcode and look for practices listed as exotic-friendly (you will need to click on 'more info' to see which types of pets each practice treats).

Check out our referrals guide

For specialised care for lizards, snakes and other exotic pets, our referrals guide can direct you to vets experienced in reptilian health. Select 'reptiles' from the referral services menu for a tailored list of experts. You can also use this guide to search for experts in avian, aquatic, small mammal and amphibian veterinary care. 

Visit the RCVS page

Another good resource is the RCVS find a vet page. Filter your search to find practices that treat 'exotics' for experienced reptile vets.

Seek advice from online vets

If you're unsure and it's not a life-or-death emergency, you could also try seeking advice from our team of experienced vets online for guidance and support.

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Handy guide to finding a reptile vet

Method Description Link
Find a vet tool Enter your postcode to find nearby vets, look for those listed as 'exotic friendly'. Find a vet
Referrals guide Use the pull-down menu, select 'referral services', and choose 'reptiles'. Referrals guide
RCVS Search for practices that treat 'exotics' to find experienced reptile vets. RCVS find a vet
Online vet If it's not an emergency, you can seek advice from our team of experienced vets online. Online vet
BVA guidance Read about the BVA's advice on reptile welfare needs. BVA guidance
Info on UV bulbs Learn about the importance of UV lighting for reptiles. UV Guide for Reptiles


Improving care for pet reptiles

A major report by the RSPCA into pet reptiles raised concerns over their care. It found that reptiles often change hands, leading to inconsistent care advice. It also concluded that much of the information online about keeping reptiles as pets is innaccurate, making it tough for new owners to know what's best for their pets. It highlighted the importance of seeking expert advice from a vet who has experience with exotic pets.

What exactly is an exotic pet?

The term exotic is used to describe a variety of animals, including:

  • Budgies, cockatiels, and parrots
  • Tortoises, terrapins, and turtles
  • Geckos, bearded dragons, and other lizards
  • Snakes such as corn snakes, and other pet snakes
  • Spiders, scorpions, and other arachnids
  • Exotic fish

Ensuring you have access to a vet experienced in treating reptiles is really important for their health and wellbeing. Please use this resource to find the best possible care for your reptile.