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Brown sprocker spaniel running down a grassy hill with a ball in its mouth

Sprocker Spaniel: is it the right breed for you?

The Sprocker Spanial is a lovable, energetic, and mild-mannered dog that loves to get out and about. Bred from Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels, it’s no surprise that they are energetic dogs with a sense of adventure. 

Good with other dogs and children, these faithful dogs make for great family companions.

Sprocker Summary: 

  • Bred from Springer and Cocker Spaniels 
  • Coat is wavy and medium in length 
  • Common colours include chocolate, black & white, brown & white, solid colours or a mixture of any of these
  • Average size = 40 - 50 cm
  • Average weight = 15 – 20 kg
  • Life expectancy of Sprocker Spaniels = 12 - 15 years
  • Estimated monthly cost = Medium
  • Exercise needs = High
  • Attention needs = Medium
  • Sociability = Medium

Please note: A dog’s exercise, training/stimulation and grooming requirements can depend on several factors such as age and health. The same goes for ongoing costs of ownership. For advice on one specific dog, we always advise chatting with a vet.

How much exercise do Sprockers need?

Sprightly and energetic, Sprocker Spaniels need lots of exercise. They can become bored if they don’t get enough physical activity. 

If you and your family are keen on outdoor adventures and are looking for a four-legged friend to come along, a Sprocker could be the perfect companion for you. They’ll happily join you on hikes and jogs, although they will require a bit of training before they get the hang of running with you. 

Sprockers are great swimmers and have a natural inclination to jump in rivers, lakes or ponds – so be prepared to get wet!

Sprocker Spaniel dietary requirements

Your Sprocker Spaniel will need a balanced diet rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It’s best to feed them complete dog food to ensure that they are getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. 

Growing pups may prefer 3-4 smaller servings during the day, rather than two larger meals. This can be reduced to two meals a day as your dog gets older.

The recommended portion size will depend on your individual dog. You’ll need to take into account their activity level, age and metabolism. To avoid weight gain, make sure your Sprocker has a healthy and balanced diet and gets plenty of exercise.

Close up of a brown and white sprocker spaniel

Training: how to train a Sprocker Spaniel

Sprockers are highly intelligent. They’re willing to learn, eager to please and easy to train. Their curious, inquisitive nature means they need plenty of mental stimulation, which you can add into their daily life using challenges and games.

Sprockers are happiest when they’re given clear boundaries and rules, when they know what’s expected of them. They’re fast learners and owners tend to find accidents in the home to be very rare.

Grooming: do Sprockers shed?

With wavy coats and a penchant for swimming, Sprockers can be quite high maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Owners will need to give their coat a quick daily brush, with a more thorough brush once a week. You can get them used to this by starting the process when they’re young and working it into their daily routine. Brushing provides a great opportunity to bond with your dog. 

You’ll also need to bathe your Sprocker regularly, especially after they’ve been swimming. Remember to use specialist bath products on your dog, your vet can advise further.

Complete your Sprockers grooming routine with regular tooth brushing, nail clips and ear checks – pay close attention to the latter as their long, floppy ears make them susceptible to infection.

Cost of owning a Sprocker Spaniel

When considering the lifetime cost of owning a Sprocker, remember to take into account the following costs:

Are Sprockers prone to any health problems?

Sprockers are prone to certain health problems, just like all breeds. This doesn’t mean your dog is guaranteed to contract any particular disease – it’s just something to bear in mind.

To keep your Sprocker as healthy as possible, monitor them closely and attend routine 6-month health checks with your vet. This will allow the vet to give your dog a thorough check-up and to pick up on minor (often symptomless) conditions before they have a chance to escalate into something worse.

Possible health complications for Sprockers Include:

Before welcoming a new dog into your household, make sure you’re able to cover the costs of any routine or emergency medical treatment they may need. Pet insurance will help massively with this. Why not ask your vet about their recommended pet insurance policy?

two sprocker puppies, one black, one brown, running on the beach

Sprocker Spaniel temperament, socialising and ideal home environment

Sprockers are happy dogs that love to spend time with their owners. They’re gentle-natured, friendly and love to go for adventures, making them the perfect companion for young, active families.

Sprockers benefit most from houses with lots of indoor and outdoor space, with large gardens providing a secure space that your cocker can burn off some of his energy. That said, providing your pet is well exercised, they’ll be comfortable in a smaller space.

Sprockers typically get along very well with children and like most breeds, the more people and other pets you expose them to from a young age, the more sociable they’ll grow up to become.

Are Sprockers suitable for first time owners? 

This will depend on your lifestyle. If you lead an active lifestyle, enjoy outdoor activities and have lots of free time, a Sprocker will be a perfect match. They pick up training quickly and are affectionate, social dogs. 

However, if you have other time commitments or mobility issues, a Sprocker might not be the right breed for you.   

Need more info?

For more info on finding the best dog breed for you and your lifestyle, have a chat with your vet. Find your nearest vet using our Find a Vet page.

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