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Why do cats purr? Vet Vs The Net

Do you often wonder why your cat purrs? Well you’re not alone! Did you know that over 8,000 people ask Google this every month? Luckily, we have Jenny the vet on the case…

So, why do cats purr?

For the most part, cats purr because they’re happy. You’ll often hear them do it when they’re cuddling you or when you’re scratching them behind their ear, or somewhere else they like to be scratched. So as Jenny says, purring is your cat’s way of saying, ‘Good job!’

The benefits of scratching

Scratching isn’t just good because your cat enjoys it, it’s also a great way of keeping their fur in good condition – especially if your cat has long hair. You and your cat might both prefer to use a brush when it comes to grooming their fur.

Unsure about the best way of grooming your cat? Our video guide can help.

Scratching is also a useful chance for you to inspect the skin beneath your cat’s fur. If you can feel their ribs too easily or not easily enough for example, this could be a sign that your cat is under or overweight. You’ll also have the chance to check for lumps and bumps beneath the fur.

Need more information?

As Jenny says, cats can occasionally purr when they’re sad or injured – but this purr will sound a bit different. If your cat is purring in a different way to usual or you think something doesn’t seem right, contact your vet.

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