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Why does my dog stare at me? Vet Vs The Net

Who, you might ask, would possibly be wondering why their dog stares at them? Well as it turns out, this is Googled over 700 times a month! Dave the vet takes a look…

Why does my dog stare at me?

Usually because they’re waiting for food! Perhaps you’ve just fed them a biscuit (or perhaps you fed them a biscuit a while ago) and they’re watching you because they want another one.

As Dave explains, they also do it out of love. Your dog just wants to watch your every move and to follow you around wherever you go – and this is nothing to worry about.

Do dogs ever stare at people because they’re wary of them?

If dogs are nervous or unsettled, their behaviour will be quite different to staring. An uncomfortable dog is far more likely to hide away, to sleep or to become aggressive – these are symptoms to watch out for, unlike your dog staring at you.

To read more about the symptoms of anxiety, stress and discomfort in dogs, click here.

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