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Can my dog eat bones? Vet Vs The Net

It seems like the logical treat to give your pet, right? Sadly, feeding bones to your dog is a bad idea. Kath the vet explains why...

Can my dog eat bones?

Sadly, vets don’t recommend feeding bones to your dog. It’s very common for bones, especially cooked bones, to crack as the dog chews or digests them and they can often become lodged in their gut, causing serious damage. 

Can my dog eat raw bones?

This poses the same threat as cooked bones with the added risk of salmonella, so sadly it’s best to avoid giving bones of any kind to your dog… unless they are toys! 

Need more advice?

If you need more advice on why bones are bad for dogs, or about anything related to keeping your pet safe, contact your vet. They will be able to give advice that is specific to your dog.

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