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How to clip your cat's nails

You might need to clip your cat’s nails if they are getting older and becoming less active, or if they are an indoor cat and do not have the chance for their claws to wear down naturally.

Vet Vicky Bridges demonstrates cutting your cat’s nails...

If your cat is a not a fan of having their nails cut and is reluctant, you might need someone to help you by holding the cat still. They should hold them around the front legs at the top, to keep them secure. If nobody is on hand to help, you can wrap your cat in a towel. This will keep them nice and secure and give you easy access to the claws.

Which part should I cut?

Lift up the front paw and gently push down on the top, this will reveal their nails so you can see how long they are. What you are looking for is a point beyond the nail – this is the bit you want to remove. Take care not to clip too high up the nail; it will hurt the cat if you catch their blood vessel.

Then, using your clippers, remove the pointed part at the end of the nail. Repeat this process for each toe on the paw in your hand. Once you have finished, repeat this process for each paw.

Need more advice on clipping your cat’s nails?

For expert advice on trimming your cat’s claws, get in touch with your local vet. 

Find your nearest vet using our Find a Vet page, or speak to a vet online using Online Vets.

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