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‘Scalded and abandoned’ puppy finds a loving home reading-time-icon 2 min read

Olive, the 6-month-old Lurcher puppy who’d sustained severe skin burns and was abandoned by her past owners, has found a new home with a loving family in Watnall, Nottinghamshire.

Olive was abandoned at the Vets Now Nottingham branch in April, aged just 9 weeks old. Her left shoulder and left flank were covered with full-thickness skin burns, which were most likely caused from having boiling water poured onto her coat.

To make matters worse, the puppy was riddled with fleas, suffered with roundworm, and was reluctant to be handled by humans.

Thanks to the devotion of her new owners, the Lomas family, and the continuing support of Lawrence Veterinary Centre in Eastwood, Nottingham, Olive now continues to make a fantastic recovery, and is a true testament to the canine spirit.

olive's burn

Following her rescue, Olive was initially looked after by a member of the Vets Now team; she was treated for fleas and worms, and over a 12-week recovery period, the Vets Now team carefully treated her burns and observed that her various anxieties – including food aggression and a fear of separation – had improved.

In fact, Olive’s fear of humans reduced to such an extent that these days, she even rushes to greet strangers when she’s out walking!

After 12 weeks in the care of a Vets Now team member, Olive went into a local foster home.

For Olive’s new and permanent owner Jo Lomas, a 52-year-old Administration Manager from Watnall, it all started when she saw the foster Mum’s post on Facebook.

‘We saw Olive and instantly fell in love,’ says Jo. ‘We have one Lurcher already and are really fond of the breed, so it felt like it was meant to be.

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‘She suffered from lameness in her front leg and although the burns had healed well, she still had an open wound.’

Not only has Olive been in and out of homes during her short lifespan, she’s had plenty of vet visits too. Her lameness was treated by Lawrence Veterinary Centre, where she also underwent treatment for septic arthritis and a 6-week course of antibiotics.

Olive now visits Lawrence Vet Centre weekly for a course of laser treatment with the nursing team.

Despite all of this, and the very delicate skin that’s liable to ripping and tearing, Olive remains a beam of positivity in her new family’s household.

‘She’s quite a remarkable puppy,’ says Jo. ‘So cuddly and affectionate – and madder than a box of frogs. After the upheaval she’s been through – so many homes and a nasty injury that continues to cause problems – she still manages to greet everyone with a wag of her very long tail!’

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Jo has used Lawrence Vet Centre for all of her pets, past and present. This includes 8-year-old Yarnold, Jo’s other Lurcher who she got six years ago as a rescue.

‘Olive’s treatment by the team at Lawrence Vet Centre has been excellent. She’s well-known by everyone in the team and they’re always excited to see her!’

Lawrence Vet Centre describe Olive as a ‘beautifully natured puppy’, who’s stolen the hearts of many of their team.

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