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Why do cats meow? Vet Vs The Net

Almost 2,000 people ask Google every month why cats meow… Jenny the vet has some answers for us…

So, why do cats meow?

As Jenny says, cats meow when they are trying to tell us something. This could be:

  • They’re happy to see you
  • They love you
  • They’re hungry or thirsty

How to tell if my cat is happy or sad?

You will usually be able to tell from the environment. If your cat is meowing in the kitchen and their food bowl is empty, for example, you can bet that they’re meowing because they’re hungry!

If your cat is stressed or irritated, they will probably hiss or growl rather than meow. Signs of anxiety in cats including hiding away from you and playing less – cats’ behaviour can become quite erratic if they are stressed. If you’re concerned, click here or pay a visit to your vet.

But meowing is completely normal behaviour, and cats can do it simply because they feel like it. Just like a dog’s bark, meowing is your cat’s method of communicating with you and other kitties.

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Need more info?

If you’re concerned about any aspect of your cat’s behaviour, or if you have more questions, contact your vet today.

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