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Why do cats scratch? Vet Vs The Net

Cats are notorious for their sharp claws, but have you ever wondered why they scratch? We asked Jenny the vet for some insights…

So, why do cats scratch?

If your cat is scratching you, the chances are you probably, on some level, already know why! It might be because you’ve stroked them somewhere they don’t like to be stroked, it might be because you’re winding them up – either way, if your cat scratches you, it’s a good indicator that you’re doing something they don’t like.

If your cat is scratching the furniture, as Jenny says, it’s usually because they are trying to keep their nails short.

How to stop my cat scratching the furniture?

Remember: scratching is a natural feline behaviour. Cats enjoy it!

If your cat is an avid scratcher, the best thing to do is provide them with a scratching post, or anything they’re supposed to scratch. Supplying them with lots of toys can also be a great way of keeping their mind occupied.

Providing these things doesn’t have to break the bank either – an empty cardboard box will work just as well as anything.

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Need more info?

If you’re concerned about your cat’s behaviour or if you have any more questions, have a chat with your vet.

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