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Why does my dog chew its paws? Vet Vs The Net

In our video, Dave the vet discusses why dogs chew their paws, which is searched by more than 300 UK pet owners every month! Watch our video to find out more…

Why do dogs chew their paws?

It forms part of their self-grooming process. A dog will chew their paws just like they clean their fur, to remove bits of dirt or anything that might be stuck there. They also do it to remove fleas from their paws

It certainly is… unless they’re doing it too much. As Dave explains, if your dog is chewing their paws excessively, this can be a sign of allergies – perhaps there’s an ingredient in their food that they don’t get along too well with, or it could be something in their environment. 

What are dogs usually allergic to?

The 4 main allergies in dogs are flea allergies, food allergies, inhalant allergies and contact allergies. Aside from chewing their paws, symptoms can include coughing and sneezing, as well as watery eyes. Click here to read more about common dog allergies. 

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Need more advice on your dog’s paws?

If your dog chews their paws too much, or if they are visibly red and sore, take them to see the vet. They will be able to take a closer look and get your pet back to full health in no time! 

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