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woman sat at her laptop with her dog

5 reasons working from home with a dog could be great fun

If you’re a budding socialite, working from home can be a bit of a downer.

But your dog can help! Let’s take a closer look...

They’ll help to boost your mood

If you’re a social-minded person, working from home all alone can dampen your mood - especially if you thrive in the hustle and bustle of an office environment. 

Working from home with your dog can help. Interactions with our canine friends is proven to produce oxytocin in the body; this helps to promote feelings of happiness and relaxation. 

You know what they say, you’re never truly alone when you have a dog around! 

You’ll still get your exercise

One of the difficulties of working from home is that your work life and home life can quickly become blended together. It may seem appealing, rolling out of bed at 8:55am and starting work five minutes later in your pyjamas with a coffee in hand… but the novelty quickly wears off, especially if you aren’t getting any exercise later in the day. 

Keeping things formal is a great way of staying focused and content. Walking your dog will help massively with this. Aim to walk them once in the morning before you start, and then again in the evening after you’ve finished. The fresh air will also work wonders for your creativity and peace of mind. 

woman on couch with her dog

Dogs help to lower stress

Dogs are happy, loyal, cute and funny. They’ve been proven to reduce stress in the workplace and to create higher levels of job satisfaction among employees.

This goes for working from home, too. If dogs are good for one thing - and let’s face it, there’s more than one - it’s for cheering up their owners! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your workload or reeling at a rude email, be sure to take a quick look at your dog or better still, pop over and see them.

You’ll be able to take breaks

If you’re easily distracted in your place of work, you might find it easier to concentrate when working from home. This is great, but distractions can often be useful - they encourage you to take breaks, to stretch your legs and to look away from the screen once in a while. 

Your dog, with all their charming personality traits, will be great at getting you to take breaks. Why not spend a minute teaching them to roll over, or enjoy a quick game of tug of war? 

You’ll be endlessly entertained

Spending 8+ hours a day may be productive and calming but let’s face it, the same four walls and the same view from the same window can get boring after a while. 

That’s to say, it can get boring without having a dog around! Whether they’re nudging you to get your attention, rolling around on your living room carpet or sleeping comfortably in the corner, dogs sure are natural entertainers. 

Working from home may not be your cup of tea, but working from home with a dog is definitely the preferred option. 

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