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How to remove a tick from a dog

It’s very important to check your dog for ticks after walks, particularly in the summertime, as they can carry nasty diseases and cause abscesses on your dog’s skin.

Dr David Tweedle explains the best way of removing a tick from your dog...

Ticks love little nooks and crannies and one of the most common places for them to hide is in and around your dog’s ears. When checking for ticks, pay extra attention to the dog’s ears. Make sure that you also check their muzzle, eyelids and under the chin. 

Ticks are similar in appearance to a grain of rice, a blister or a wart.

If you do find one on your dog, the best way to remove it is to use a tick twister. Simply glide the end of the tick twister below the tick’s head, and twist it until it comes away. Do this gently and do not pull too hard – if the head comes away but the body remains lodged inside your dog, this can cause serious problems.

A gentle, twisting motion will help remove the tick simply and effectively.

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