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Why do cats rub their face on things? Vet Vs The Net

Have you ever wondered why cats rub their faces on strange surfaces or objects? Jenny the vet is here to help…

So, why do cats rub their face on things?

Usually, your cat rubs their face against you because they smelling you! You’re their owner, they love you and they want to know where you’ve been.

Other reasons for your cat rubbing against you could be that they want your attention. As with meowing and kneading, your cat might rub their face against your leg or your thigh because they are feeling comfortable and would like some attention!

Is my cat itchy?

Just as horses scratch themselves against their fences, it’s easy to assume that cats rub their faces against things because they are itchy – especially carpets or other rough surfaces. Your cat is unlikely to do this if they’re itchy, though. Symptoms of flea or worm-related itchiness will include:

  • Chewing their fur
  • Loss of fur
  • Biting or licking their skin/fur

Need more info?

If you need more advice or if you’re concerned about your cat’s behaviour, contact your vet.

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